Peermont 69/12kV Indoor GIS

Sargent & Lundy EPC Joint Venture with Graycor Industrial Constructors

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Project Highlights:

  • Substation livened, carrying load and turned over to owner on schedule to meet demand
  • Met project goal of having all distribution feeders in service before Memorial Day 2016

Project Description:

The existing 23/12kV cottage distribution substation was taken out of service, demolished, and replaced with a new substation consisting of a 69kV GIS lineup, 12kV vacuum breaker switchgear, 2-56MVA power transformers, an indoor 69kV capacitor bank and related electrical and control equipment all housed in a single structure.

First EPC substation for PHI/ACE in recent history

  • Part of a larger 69kV system upgrade including new 69kV overhead transmission upgrade from 23kV existing system.

New 69/12kV GIS substation

  • Capacity/reliability upgrade from 23kV to 69kV to meet increased island load
  • Location: Southern NJ (costal barrier island)
  • 12,000 square foot indoor substation
  • Removable openings for major equipment

High Visibility

  • Residential location in ocean front community
  • Significant architectural exterior elements in building design to meet municipal zoning requirements

Challenging Construction Duration

  • No summer construction allowed (June-Sept)
  • Weather and system issues further constrained substation construction schedule
  • Accelerated engineering to obtain permits allowing for partial Spring 2015 construction
  • Building designed to support staggered Spring and Fall foundation and superstructure install

Challenging Execution

  • Residential site, limited laydown and access
  • Winter construction

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