San Francisco BART Battery Storage Feasibility Study

Sargent & Lundy performed a project valuation and proof of concept for the 2-MW battery energy storage system on the San Francisco BART System

San Francisco, California
Client: Turner Engineering Corporation

  • Plant Type: Battery Energy Storage System
  • Fuel: Regenerative Braking Energy
  • Size: Multiple 2-MW Systems

Sargent & Lundy performed a project valuation of the Wayside Energy Storage System (WESS) for the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) district. Multiple 2-MW WESS stations are to be installed along the BART transit system for improved reliability and financial benefits. Our valuation evaluated the potential energy savings and revenue generation when participating in the California ISO (CAISO) market and provided a net present value (NPV) of the project. Sargent & Lundy also provided a proof of concept of the WESS project, including equipment sizing, single-line diagrams, layout drawings, and bills of materials (BOMs). Sargent & Lundy formalized the findings to support the strategic planning of the BART system upgrades.

Project Scope:

  • Perform engineering for a proof of concept of the WESS
  • Size equipment and perform physical layout
  • Evaluate advantages and disadvantages of the WESS system alongside alternative solutions
  • Analyze the financial opportunities of the WESS system in the CAISO market

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Train car photograph courtesy BART.