EPC/EPCM for Transmission System Projects

Our reputation for project management, quality engineering, and construction management and commissioning expertise make Sargent & Lundy uniquely qualified to provide the full range of EPCM services or to serve as the partner-of-choice on EPC teams. We successfully team with industry recognized construction firms to fully engineer, specify, and procure all material and equipment, construct, and commission transmission lines and substations in compliance with the owner’s specifications, budgets, and schedules.

We consistently place a high priority on the constructability of our engineering deliverables. An integral part of quality management system is the analysis and quantification of client and contractor comments and as-built revisions to our drawings and other deliverables. This information is monitored so that we continually improve the process to minimize field issues or construction delays. While this benefits all types of projects, it is particularly important when we are responsible for the full range of EPCM services or are partnered with a construction company in an EPC effort and our mutual success depends on close collaboration between design and installation.