Renewable Energy Integration Studies and Integrated Resource Planning

Whether a utility stakeholder or an independent system operator (ISO), we can support the development of capacity market parameters with proven processes and robust data on the cost and performance of renewable technologies.

Integration studies and integrated resource planning may include one or more of these elements:

  • Renewable energy integration studies: Increasing penetration levels of variable generation, such as wind and solar power, can cause increased cycling on thermal power plants. We can assess the need for additional reserves on the grid.
  • Performance estimates: Renewable technologies performance parameters that are typically measured include annual generation, net capacity factor, and plant availability.
  • Capital cost and O&M estimates: Capital costs estimates include engineering, procurement, construction (EPC), owner’s costs, and financing. Fixed and variable O&M costs for each technology can also be identified and organized into subcomponents for easy analysis.
  • Business case development and risk analysis: We can help develop cost models and financial pro formas, as well as identify technical and financial risks or fatal flaws.
  • Environmental regulation evaluation: Our environmental compliance specialists can conduct a thorough evaluation of regulations affecting your project design and operation for compliance with relevant air quality, emissions, and other requirements.
  • Screening Analysis: We can help identify the most feasible renewable and emerging technology alternatives that can be implemented in your service area, including an assessment of the availability of renewable resources in the selected region.