Physical/Cyber Security

Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) is a focus of the reliability standards issued by NERC over the past several years. In particular, Reliability Standard CIP-014-1 addresses threats and vulnerabilities to the physical security of critical facilities on the bulk power system.

Sargent & Lundy is an industry leader in utility security systems. Terrorism, vandalism, and theft threats require ever greater design sophistication. Nuclear plant clients across the country have relied on us to perform system studies, scoping, and design for security enhancements, blast analysis, cyber security, control of Safeguards Information, and Design Basis Threat. Systems and devices that our teams have applied to substation security enhancements have included: precast masonry and micro-mesh walls, fence proximity sensors, yard and control building PTZ and thermal cameras, SCADA system security connections, gate and door electronic card readers, data diode system data access, visual barriers, alarm redundancy, internal yard microwaves, fiber sensitive Ethernet security systems, and dual-topped fencing