Regulatory and Environmental Compliance Support

Sargent & Lundy offers licensing and permitting support for new or existing power projects. We use advanced proprietary computer models as well as those approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. When onsite data is required, we design a monitoring program that meets compliance, subcontracting a local company to execute. Our approach addresses individual stations and fleet emissions considerations, resulting in cost-effective compliance strategies.

Our comprehensive solutions include:

  • Review of permits and licenses required for construction and operation to assess¬†compliance
  • Preparation of permit applications and management of the permitting process
  • Review of the environmental impact assessment report to confirm requirements are met for local, national, and World Bank Environmental Guidelines
  • Evaluation of the environmental report for general accuracy, quality, and alignment with guaranteed emission levels in order to identify gaps and needed clarifications

Our compliance team provides a comprehensive report summarizing results and facilitating resolution of any potential environmental issues. This includes a compliance evaluation of equipment and systems, site compatibility with environmental regulations, consistency of permit qualifications with contractual operating requirements, and the impact of international and domestic environmental laws and regulations on the plant.