Renewable Energy Interconnections

Throughout our 125 year history, Sargent & Lundy has designed substations and transmission lines to interconnect all types of generating stations to the grid. In recent years, wind and solar farms have comprised a significant portion of the new generation capacity. Our expertise has been applied to design substations, switchyards, transmission lines, and collector systems to connect these renewable energy facilities to the transmission network.

We have performed services for these projects for both the developers and the utilities owning the interconnected transmission lines. This has included facility studies, transmission screening studies, system impact studies, market accessibility studies, evaluations for alternate interconnection points, conceptual designs, cost estimates, detailed engineering, quality assurance surveillance, and commissioning. We fully understand the nature of these projects, in that they may develop slowly as studies, land acquisition, and power purchase agreement (PPA) negotiations proceed and then shift to a fast-track schedule as in-service deadlines must be met for financial or PPA commitments.