Transmission Line Uprating

Daunting challenges with permitting, licensing, and right-of-way acquisition for new transmission lines have driven many transmission owners to maximum the utilization of existing rights-of-way to gain additional power transfer capacity.  This can include reconfiguring or rebuilding existing lines to increase the number of circuits in the right-of-way or uprating existing lines.  We have significant experience with transmission line rebuilding and uprating projects and can apply this expertise to finding the cost-effective design for your situation.

Sargent & Lundy has developed compact, multi-circuit structure configurations to replace single-circuit lines.  We have increased capacity by replacing existing conductors with high-temperature, low-sag conductors, including the newer composite core conductors now on the market, with minimal structure modifications.  Our teams have modified existing lines for operation at higher voltages by replacing lattice tower arms with polymer, braced-post insulator assemblies.  We have also worked with our clients to implement real-time conductor monitoring devices to assess if any variances from the assumed line rating parameters might allow for increased ampacity.